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作為一個需要不斷更新播放列表的DJ,我嘗試善用我的時間。但在香港這個繁華喧鬧的城市,在公眾地方做音樂工作可能是一個相當大的挑戰。最近嘗試 Bose QC35無線耳機後,我對消除噪音技術印象深刻,我終於可以清晰地聽到每個聲音,而質量完美平衡和溫暖。 這款新耳機非常適合我的耳朵,所以我穿著它們很長時間後都不會感到痛楚。對我的音樂體驗從此不受限制,我可以在旅途中充分享受它! http://po.st/wireless2016HK #NoLimitations #感動不受限制 #QC35

As a DJ who constantly needs to update playlists, I try to use my time wisely. In a bustling noisy city like Hong Kong though, working on music in public can be quite a challenge. After trying Bose QC35 wireless headphone recently, I was impressed by the noise cancellation technology, I finally could hear every sound clearly, perfectly balanced and warm. This new headphone fits my ears quite well so I don't feel painful at all after wearing them for long hours. There are no limitations for my music experience anymore and I can fully enjoy it on the go!

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