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十二年前的今天,我開了人生第一個party, 我的DJ畢業party。想不到就這樣,我當了一個DJ。從來沒有想過行這條路是怎樣的,只是一直行。到現在我可以說,這十二年全是得著,我得到很多難得的演出經驗,去過世界不同的地方接觸新事物,非常嚮往;我學到很多在音樂上的知識,認識了很多音樂人,有他們跟我談音樂已經好滿足。我還在party認識了我先生,因爲我們都是當晚的DJ,這是我人生最好的禮物。

之前有跌得好傷的時候,之後一直好少分享心底話,而現在我卻是最開心的,就想分享一下。在這個行頭持續十二年,真是不容易,大家都知道音樂在被金融和金錢驅動著的香港有多重要,所以我好感謝所有一直在香港音樂界堅持著的人:DJs、Promoters、音響工程師、音樂製作人、活動召集人和每個以音樂的熱情去創作的人,大家都犧牲了很多但默默地堅持著。也感謝一直支持我的朋友們,我從不認為這是理所當然的。 儘管有很多難關,感謝上帝給了我這個角色和勇氣去堅持,讓我可以完全做自己。

Today, twelve years ago, I held the first party in my life, my DJ graduation party. Without thinking too much about it, I had become a DJ. Initially I haven’t thought about what this path would be like, I just kept going.

Up until now, I can say that in these twelve years I gained a lot. I have got a lot of precious performance experiences, I have been to different places around the world and experienced new things, and I really enjoyed the journey. I have learned a lot of knowledge on music and I met a lot of music lovers, I felt so satisfied just to have the chance to talk music with them. I also met my husband at a party where we were both called to DJ, this is the best gift of my life.

I haven't been sharing my heart in the past, but now I am the happiest I ever been and I want to share with you.

To last 12 years in this industry is really not easy. Everyone knows how little importance music has in a financial and money driven city like Hong Kong, so I am very grateful to all those who have still decided to pursue a career in the music industry in Hong Kong: DJs, promoters, audio engineers, music producers, event organizers, and everyone who has managed to create something with their passion for music. Everyone that silently hold on and sacrificed a lot just to do what they like.

Thanks also to the friends who have always supported me, I don’t take it for granted. Thank God for giving me this role and the courage to pursue it despite the obstacles, so that I could fully be myself.

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