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嘩!終於出爐喇!我自己都等咗好耐呀!其實呢首歌《LOVE》,JULIUS 原本只係揾我做隻remix,但當我造歌嘅時候有感而發,自己寫埋女仔嗰部分仲自己唱埋,第一次唱國語,大家多多指教??今次最開心除咗JULIUS好鍾意呢個版本之外,最令我感到榮幸嘅就係,佢哋仲請咗曾經多次同Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Nas, Rihanna, Wu-Tang和J-Lo等合作嘅混音師Jason Goldstein mastering?你哋記得校HD1080聽真的呀?

I've been waiting for long to share this new song with you! MV is out now! Few months ago Dutch pop band Julius invited me to remix one of their songs, but during the process, when I started making the beat I got inspiration and decided to add some lyrics too. While I'm used to singing in Canto and English, this is my first time to write and sing in Mandarin, I hope you like it the result! I'm honoured to have the Grammy nominated Jason Goldstein that did an amazing job on the mastering, he has previously worked with Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Nas, Rihanna, Wu Tang, J-Lo and many others!


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