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Gallop back!

She is Dollei Seah, the Head of Makeup Department in 881.

We both bonded since 881. Her hair is shave too! Yup, infact she was the first among the other 16 crew to shave when i make my sacrifices for 881. I was terribly touched.

You will never want to mess around with this talented soul. After all she has been in the industry for the longest time. She takes pride in her work and will deliver more than what you expect from.

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881 come home with the Golden Horse please!

881 has been nominated for best "Best Makeup & Costume Design"  in the "44th Golden Horse Awards". We all know that "lust, Caution" by Ang Lee is coming very strongly this year.

But well, I feel that any titles nominated do stand a chance of picking up the horse.

As the awards ceremony gallops nearer, I am sure many nominees are feel...Read more

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Shanghai Blues | 上海之夜

有好几个朋友都误会了, 以为我会去上海表演。不是的, 我将会演一部《上海之夜》的音乐舞台剧。不过上个月倒是差一点就去的了上海表演。

首次于TOY FACTORY 合作, 将在明年的华艺节演出。这可是我第一次担任音乐剧的女主角。跟我一起同台演出的有香港歌手苏永康和本地一位出名的舞台演员Emma Yong。一位是实力派歌手而另一位是非常资深的舞台演员。我的严厉实在大。


Few friends had mistaken that I will be in Shanghai to perform. Infact not. Instead I am starring in a musical called "Shanghai Blues". Apparently, many people was misled. Anyway thanks for keeping...Read more

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Endorsement (2) | 代言(2)

 很开心公司帮我接到另一个代言邀请。这回是代言饮料, 一个柠檬口味的desert drink,Sagiko Soft Jelly Drink。它的柠檬口味不会太酸,饮料的糖份浓度也符合健康水准。所以得到保健促进局的“较健康选择”标签。不是说卖花赞花香,我喝了觉得满好喝的。你们不妨试试看。

I am delighted that my agency has picked up another endorsement for me.  Its a product endorsement.  Sagiko Soft Jelly Drink, a lemon flavour desert drink.

I had to try this drink before shoot and was a little hesitant. When it comes to consuming food/drinks, I am definitely not the adventurous type and can be very picky with my selections. Anyway the storyboard requires me t...Read more

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The Garden of Fame

I did something very touristy unintentionally last Saturday.

I had a luncheon appointment at Jurong Hilltop. This place is new to me, I didn't  know this hilltop with a look-out tower and a park existed. The restaurant is located at the look-out tower itself.

To get to the restaurant you need to walk through the park . As I was strolling and looking, these interesting trees caught my eyes. 

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Wish Upon a Falling Star

我看到流星! 我真的看到流星!

刚才在Dempsey Hill 和两位好友吃饭聊天时,抬头的那一瞬间就被眼前的一条光迹吸引主。   看见一束光在我眼前流过, 几秒后才大声喊了: ”我看到流星! 我看到流星!“。可惜他们没看到。





I saw Shooting Star! I saw a Meteor!

I was having dinner at Dempsey Hill with 2 good friend of mine when I saw a light trail flew pass before my eyes. A few seconds later I screamed " I saw a shooting star! I saw a shooting star!". If only they saw it too.

Myth about  wish upon a falling star, dre...Read more

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Endorse | 代言

前些时候,《联合晚报》为了推出革新版邀请了我当任代言人。能够成为报子改革版的首位明星代言人。 我当然是感到非常荣幸,也非常高兴。





LIANHE Wanbao, the Chinese-language evening daily, has undergone its first revamp in 24 years. This made-over magazine-style layout papers hit the newsstands with its dual covers。Readers in search of the top news...Read more

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881 Movie Poster

I like to draw but I don't draw often and I haven't been drawing lately. When ever there's a new additions it is alway drawn base on my impulse.

我喜欢画画, 可是有不常画,最近也很少画了。每当有新的画时,都是因突然启发或心血来潮时才会画吧。

Something to share.

I was overwhelmed with excitement when I first saw myself on 881’s movie poster in the cinema. I was extremely excited, the excitement was thick in the air ...Read more

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881 being my first feature film has given me the opportunity to work with a team of talented film makers. This includes the production team, art direction, makeup unit, costume department , the other casts, the director (Royston Tan), the producer (Gary Goh) and so on .Their devotion to the art of film-making have touched me in so many ways. And most importantly, it increases my penchant for acting and honed my skills as an actress. Looking back now, the experience I gain is priceless.

I still think its a miracle that I am part of th...Read more

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Before 881

My story begins like this....

It all started in 1996 when i accompanied a friend to audition for a singing contest. However, i ended up auditioning as well, and was short-listed but my friend was not. I didn't win the competition but was placed as the youngest finalist. This was then more than what i could ask for.

Soon after, i was offered to do a mandarin sitcom with TV Corporations of Singapore. So, I seized the opportunity and began my acting career.

Then on, i also joined the English 'platform' and was part...Read more

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