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Shanghai Blues ~The End

Shanghai Blues being my first attempt as the lead role with the musical inclination has now been added to my CV.


I am glad that I have pulled this through given that I am not musically trained. I daringly took up the challenge and the journey was definitely not a smooth walk in the park.  I was able to convert the stress into any forms of energy to push myself further. For that, I surprised myself.

Most felt that I was vocally weak but my portrayal of the role was convincing. To date, it was the toughest rol...Read more

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Under A Cloud, Under The Weather.

  I have been under a cloud of depression since this afternoon.

 I just want to be alone..... I don't feel like speaking at all.....I don't want to do anything at all.....


Yes, Its post productions blues and I am feeling under the weather too.

Going to bed early before I fall seriously ill.

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我会很想念上海之夜的每一位演员,工作人员 和导演。


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《上海之夜》 @ omy vodcast

《上海之夜》导演和演员与OMY.Sg 的访问。

想知到我们说了什么, 去看看就知道咯!


*王欣不敢想太多*OMY 娱乐头条 E-News Media Player

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Gong Hei Fat Choy! Gong Xi Gong Xi!


祝大家在这鼠年有“鼠”不尽的快了。 ”鼠“ 不尽的收获。 


发     ! 发!    发!  

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZJdOJvrOTc

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Simply Mindee

It has been a very intense month for me busy rehearsing for Shanghai Blues Musical.

Few more days to the opening. Very Nervous and excited.

Weeks ago I did an online interview for www.fifo.sg. Here's what I said.

Simply Mindee

She played a dying getai singer in Royston Tan's recent film 881 and charmed her way i...Read more

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We Are The World

I had a best New Year's  Party ever.  We had this "We Are The World" International costume party.

All of us had to dress up in any international costume, bring that country's cuisine and say  a greeting in that language . Too add more fun to the party, an admission fees of $20 was impose for the winner of best dressed that night. There were 20 people so the winner will pocket $400 cash.

Most of us are really crazy over this party. Before the party we had no idea what our friends will be dressing up as. Whi...Read more

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Babe of the Year!!!

Hi all gorgeous one,

Its few hours before 2008 arrives. Would like to  wish all of you  a fabulous, fantastic year ahead. Happy New Year!


31st December 2007 The New Paper

The New Paper voted me as "Babe of the Year." I am so so so flattered.

2007 ......definitely an awesome year for me. Lets hope 2008 continue...Read more

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Greetings to all!

圣诞节又要接近啦。 每年我都会亲自设计卡片送给朋友们,今年也一样。而今年多了你们。祝愿每个"AND"的朋友圣诞节,希望大家会度过一个愉快的节日。

Hey Gorgeous People,

It's that time of the year again to send out some warm greetings. Every year I will always design my own x'mas card to all my friends. This year as usual and with an addition to my new friends from "AND". I made this card with LUV for all of you.

 To all the gorgeous people here in "AND",Wishing you all A Joyous Christmas.

...Read more

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Didn't Gallop back

First of all, I would like to thank you all  gorgeous people for supporting 881.

The horse didn't travel back to Singapore. Needless to say. "Lust, Caution" deserve to pick up the horse.  Honestly, being able to be nominated was more than what we could asked for. Dollei & Moe. a picture mms to me when they were there.That night I rushed back home to watch the tele-cast, anxiousl...Read more

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