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$1000 Lotus

Lotus Origami.   Every Lotus is worth $15000.Will be burned to ashes at the end of Lunar 7th Month.

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The Queen of Night will be gone tomorrow morning.

For the first time in 3 years this Cactus has finally bloomed for me. Coincidentally 3 flowers. It only bloom at night and by the next morning it should be wilting. Also know as The Queen of Night. Beautiful Queen!The fragrance in the evening is heavenly. Can't share the smell but here's some photos...Taken at 5pm Read more

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8 Days Car Boot Sale 2010

8 Days wrote to us to rally for kind donations from celebrities for their annual car boot sale.I am always delighted to partake in such campaigns. No 1, it is part of a charity,the proceeds goes to their adopted charity – Rainbow Centre-Yishun Park School. No 2, I get to clear my unwanted stuffs for a good cause. So I pick this Pink Luggage to donate."One's man trash is another mans treasure". Since this Trolley has kept most of my treasures for me when I travel or go on shoot. It's time to be generous and pass it ...Read more

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Trolley is now at 88 Club Street.

Yes! Trolley is out of Amoy and now at 88 Club Street.

Its has been a crazy month of April since I decided to move the boutique to a bigger location.

To be exact it was 1st of April that I decided to move and found 88 Club Street in two weeks time.

I thought I crack this crazy joke on myself.... getting myself so busy and exhausted the entire month. But it was all so worth it after i see the transformation of the place.

Take a look at the clip and hope you can share my sentiments.

M...Read more

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'Singapour, Malaisie- Le Cinema!

I received a text message from Eric Khoo today. " Your face was everywhere in the Pompidou Centre in Paris!"Then I found out that they were doing a Singapore, Malaysia Festival and my picture was chosen as the festival poster. Singapore, Malaysia: the cinema!December 16, 2009 /March 1, 2010The Centre Pompidou looks...Read more

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Trolley's mascot, Junior welcome the arrival of Missy!

Celebrating the arrival of Missy, born on the 14th and Trolley's 1st Birthday, 14th September.Trolley will be celebrating this special day by offering a 14% discount on all merchandise to all our supporters.  Click on to find out more. How time files! Read more

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《上身不由己》OVER 80 % SOLD OUT!

是的《上身不由己》的票房已达到80%!谢谢个位买票支持的朋友。8月6日,7日和8日的票都卖光了。只剩下最后一天的下午和晚上的票。但也是所剩无几了。 要买票就赶紧咯!以下是《上身不由己》不同版本的宣传照。Read more

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《上身不由己》 快要开演啦!|《Bondage》 Opening Soon!

我参与的舞台剧 《上身不由己》 快要开演啦!戏剧盒呈献,The Art House 联办:新剧季 New Play Season 2009 〈 上身不由己〉一名酷爱SM的警察,招来了无名少女和吸毒小混混的故事。在这场警察与贼的游戏中,谁愿打,谁愿挨?编剧:邹文森导演: 杨君伟演员:罗子涵,王欣,卓桂枝,梁海彬,卓玮平演出详情: 演出时间:8月6日傍晚8时,8月7日傍晚8时,8月8日下午3时,8月8日傍晚8时,8月9日下午3时,8月9日傍晚8时

地点:Play Den, The Arts House

票价:$28 (不包括Gatecrash行政费)Ticketing website: Read more

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Volunteer for Stars for a Cause | 王欣当志工了!《明星志工队》

我当志工了!大老远去到台湾恒春,在那儿留下了7天的脚印。开始的时候带着期待,兴奋,紧张和担心,7天的服务后感关,想法又是怎样呢? 希望大家多多支持这个星期四ChU 8pm《明星志工队》。请记得收看哦!
This week's star volunteer - 881's Mindee. Her thoughts during the trip to Taiwan Hengchun : "小时候都是阿公阿嫲牵着我们的手。现在我们长大了,阿公阿嫲也老了,应该是the other way round,我们牵着他们的手了。。。"Read more

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Jet Li takes Singapore Citizenship !?

Read this on Yahoo news. If it's true. Congrats and welcome!  I hope in the near future, Li's One Foundation will include singapore artist in any of its campaign drive. I'm sure many of us will be more than willingly to volunteer. SINGAPORE (AFP) – Chinese action star Jet Li has taken up Singapore citizenship and bought a property in the city state worth nearly 20 million  Singapore dollars (14 million US), according to a report.The Business Times did not say when the Beijing-born star took up his new nationa...Read more

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