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1028 (Working Title) Unveil

Hi all Gorgeous one,

1028 (Working Title) has finally unveiled It's real name.

Check out those Gorgeous  Teaser Poster. Go to my Album

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I'm Nocturnal

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I had a new series of profile pictures taken earlier and had to choose 1 among all.

I have a problem deciding which 1 to use.

I have been staring into the screen for the longest time and still can not decide which to pick.

Junior next to me was getting bored. . . . . . .

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What Are You Really Burning?

Singapore's Motion Picture Association launched a new anti-piracy trailer to mark World Intellectual Property Day - which falls on April 26.

The trailer titled 'What Are You Really Burning?' shows  881 Poster burns up as I lent my voice to remind the audience that piracy affects the future of our local film industry. The trailer is scheduled to be screened in theaters across the island.

The international organisation also made local versions for other countries in the region - China, Hong Ko...Read more

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It's a Wrap! 1028 拍完了

Hi all, I am back and alive.

Last night mark our last day of filming for 1028. It was a great shoot.

I have learn to relax and enjoy myself more this time round. My role was rather intensive, challenging and demanding. Well besides all those stressful moments I felt that I had ample time to bond with the crew the cast. And I have definitely learn how to  pace myself better as a performer. I have enjoyed so much in this one.

I will upload some productions still much later.

For now, here's some ...Read more

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My 2nd feature film with Studio 10twenty-eight.

Congratulations! Lets Celebrate. Royston has started his own film production house name 10twenty-eight. I asked  him why 10twenty-eight, he said it was this day Oct 28 that he decided to venture out on his own to challenge himself further. Studio 10twenty-eight  will produce feature-length, short films and TVC.

Congratulations and all the very Best to him ! Well pass few days I was cracking my brain, what should I get for his  studio opening?  After much thoughts and searching I found it and am quite ha...Read more

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I am Autumn

I am Autumn. What about you?

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I have been wanting to donate my blood ever since my last donation in Feb 2006. Since then I was not able to spare my share due to underweight. Last year I went and was rejected because my weight was zero point something away from the minimum weight requirement.

The moment when I weight 45kg, I knew I had  to go to the blood bank before my weight fluctuate.In less than 10mins, I gave away a pint of blood. This time round the process was really fast maybe because I had manyblood

    services staffscrowding arou...Read more

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"Golden Ribbon" “黄金丝带” Contest

International Childhood Cancer Day“Create your own Gold Ribbon Pin" 


International Childhood Cancer Day - On this special day, let us remember our support for children with cancer and their courage for life.In Singapore, over 120 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed yearly. Thes...Read more

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Just in time for Valentine's Day

My Orchid plant has bloomed just in time for this romantic day.

I bought this plant last July when it was in flower. Six months after the flowers withered, It bloom again.

To Everyone here, Happy Valentine's Day.

Wit...Read more

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