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Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival

Hello folks,

Been a mad few weeks....lot of stuff happening

Just got back from a brief trip to Ireland as a guest at the First Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival, organized by maverick film-maker George Clarke the man behind the 'greatest Irish martial arts zombie movie ever made', the award winning 'Battle of the Bone'

The two day festival took place in Belfast with a number of films and shorts in multiple genres being screened, Q & A's with the film-makers and Workshops, merchandise, tattoo'ing and much more going on!

It was great to have the chance to talk, exchange information, experience, knwoledge with a wide range of film-makers and also good to catch up with old friends and new including Seamus Walsh & Cheung Chee-keong both of whom are old friends and colleagues, as well as new friends like George, Peter, Roddy, Graham and the rest of the Yellow Fever Gang who extended great hospitality to myself and everyone else at the festival.

Both Chee & Seamus took home prizes for Audience Choice and Best Short Film respectively for 'The Bodyguard: A New Begining' and 'Somebody to Love'

Submissions for next year's festival are welcome and for more information on the festival check out the Oct issue of Impact, and the websites:





The festival closed out with the official premiere of George Clarke's 2nd feature "The Knackery', which could best be described as 'The Running Man' meets 'Dawn of the Dead'...shot in 4 weeks, for a few hours a day for a budget of a hundred pounds...yes its rough at times, but its great entertainment and perfect reaffirmation that you dont necessarily need 20 million dollars to make a movie!

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is there more than one irish martial arts and/or zombie movie out there?
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