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i was born or quite possibly hatched an increasingly long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Croydon and a more treacherous hive of scum and villainy you'd be hard pressed to find.

Despite being a somewhat clueless and naive fellow, I managed to mostly survive several years of very bad haircuts, a complete lack of both common and fashion sense, the UK education system and even a few years of the old 9-5 before a drunken game of monopoly led me to Hong Kong in 1990. And I've pretty much been here ever since, and I think i like it!

I work as a Casting Director for a lot of projects, credits include "Fearless", "Rush Hour 3", "Phoo Action", "Blood Last Vampire", and did some work for Baz Lurhmans upcoming "Australia" starring Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and the great Yuen Wah. Spent a good chunk of 2007 working on "The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" directed by Rob Cohewn, working on the Action unit with the great Vic Armstrong.

Also done a lot of Line Production and Production work for a number of other projects including "The Bodyguard:A New Begining" with Cary Tagawa & Richard Ng, "Underground", "The White Wall", "The Art of Action: Martial Arts in the Movies" amongst other projects.

Also edit Impact magazine www.impactmoviemagazine.co.uk covering the action movie & Tv industry around the world, with an emphasis on Asian Cinema

as well as contributing to a bunch of other magazines, and have done a lot of DVD extras for such companies as Hong Kong Legends, Premier Asia, Dragon Dynasty, Media Blasters and other companies.

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