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Impact Online: Van Dammage in full effect!

Jean-Claude Van Damme was Impact's original cover star and with the recent release of both Six Bullets/The Butcher and the dark Universal Soldier: Day of Retribution...we reviewed both films and talked to directors, writers and co-stars;

Universal Soldier review:

Video: Scott Adkins Interview;

Six Bullets review


Director Ernie Barbarash interview;

Scriptwriter Chad Law interview

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Raffi says :
awesome! ...but the question must be asked... does he do the center splits in any of these new movies?
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
Patrick Lee says :
woah interesting ... is that straight to video or will it be in theaters?
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Photo 127207
Jay Lee says :
Nothing against Van D, but he can't really pull off bald. That's only for a select few, right Mike:)
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Mike Leeder says :
Six Bu,llets was dvd/blu-ray premiere but Universal has been getting limited theatrical in the States, and cinema release in Russia, Japan etc No full side splits, but he can still do them And yeah bald is something that works for a select few!
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Raffi says :
i'll try to check it out on DVD if I see it.
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