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Hello, once again, to all our hardcore fans!!!!

We just wanted to give you a bit of an update since it has been a while for us to INFORM you.  A lot of great things have happened over the past few months, and a lot is still to come!!!   As you all hopefully know, we have recently signed with Sony Music.  YAY!!!! It is a huge achievement and a thrilling time for us, and we hope things just keep getting better.  We are in the process of working on our new album, which we hope to release by January of 2011!!!!!  Thanks again Talent Asia for all your help and support.  The end of October is packed with gigs and travel.  We are leaving Sunday to head to Zhongshan, China for a corporate gig.  This will be our fist time there, and we are excited to visit a new city.  We shall mark it off of our "Been There" list.  :)  Who knows?  Maybe we will meet some new fans of Metro.  Then it's back to Changsha, China for another appearance on Hunan TV.  This time we will perform a few songs, and they also want to do an interview with us.  This should be interesting, and fun.  Thanks, Hunan TV for the invite.  There is also at least one public gig coming up toward the end of Oct.  Please check out our website events page for all of the up to date details:  

http://www.metrovocalgroup.com  Last but not least, Metro is headed back to Seoul, Korea!!!  Ever time we travel to Korea, we are greeted with warmth and smiles, and we love it.  We have been invited to perform, as a guest, on the Korean International A cappella Festival tour.  There will be at least six shows and a few clinics over the span of 10 days.  Metro will be there from October 30th until November 9th. KOREA, Here We Come!!!!!! 

Well that should about wrap up all the upcoming info.  Please keep checking our website for any events or performances that are not private functions.  Thanks again for all you love and support!!!

Thanks for your time, 


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awesome guys! onwards and upwards!
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Metro is a vocal group, originally from the USA, but now based in the great city of Hong Kong! http://www.metrovocalgroup.com/ http://www.facebook.com/metrov

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