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Album Release!!!!!

Metro's latest Album, "No Borders" will be in Hong Kong stores, starting May 10th.  HMV, Hong Kong Records, and other local stores will be teaming together with More Music to bring you Metro's first all Chinese album.  We are very excited to finally have this available for our fans.  We put a lot of heart and hard work into this album and, we think you guys are gonna love it!! If you have any questions, you can check all the locations mentioned above, or check out our website!!! 

http://www,metrovocalgroup.com##Thank you for all the support and love you have given us through out our time here in Hong Kong!!! We hope to continue to make great music for all you out there listening to our jams, and watching our videos and shows. ##More to Come!!!


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nice. keep it up!
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Metro is a vocal group, originally from the USA, but now based in the great city of Hong Kong! http://www.metrovocalgroup.com/ http://www.facebook.com/metrov

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