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Thank you everybody!

I had my birthday party this Saturday, and honestly, I was worried.   I haven't had a birthday party in years... so I was actually nervous about making it happen.  I mean, I personally invited 70 people and passed out another 50 fliers... but only 20 people RSVP-ed.  A party planner I am not.  I wanted to rip my hair out from the stress.  I also worried about girl-boy ratio and location and time...etc.  Then when the real day came, a handful of people cancelled, some just didn't show up, other's flaked.  Many came late and for a control freak like me, I think I just had to relax and let it go.  I got ready, got dressed, and showed up hoping for the best and....................... everything came out fine!  In fact, it was more than fine!  It was FABULOUS. 

My best friends all showed up, and so many people brought presents!  Aside from gifts from my best friend and boyfriends and family members from years past, other people actually brought gifts!  I think at one point in my life I had lost faith in people and their etiquette, and that night restored it all back for me!  Good friends are so hard to find, and I am super grateful!

The most surprising gift that night was one from the one and only, Da Ge 黃立成.  He showed up later that night with a gorgeous gift, a small lambskin Thomas Wylde handbag, from boutique store On Pedder.  I was extremely touched. Nicky 李玖哲 also found the time to come drop off an awesome black Chrome Hearts tank, and Van Ness left me with an uplifting book for women!

Thank you THANK YOU everyone for your generous gifts.

Primo comped 4 bottles of my favorite Moet Rose champagne and got me a wonderful Haagen Daz ice cream cake and a huge bouquet of flowers.  The party was beautiful and I had an unforgettable night.  Thank you again every one!

Before the plastering began...

Nicky and that SEXY bag.

Mr. Fantastic, AKA Terry Lee.

Dance Dance!

The yummy cake~

Da Ge

Shaking it with the infamous VDubb^^

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Glad you had fun, let me know what you think of the book. Let's meet up and make some magic! ARHHHAJDADAHADHHAGAGAGAHAHA~!!!
almost 16 years ago
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did that guy use to be in a group called LA boyz?
almost 16 years ago
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tae kwon do?? girl u need to prove it with pics of u doing some kicks :P i wanna peep dat forreals
almost 16 years ago
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cool party, sorry i'm late - happy birthday!
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