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Nonstop Work!|真是繼續地馬不停蹄|真是继续地马不停蹄

Sorry! I'm late~ I've rested up a little bit afater being back in Taipei and started recording for a new project(will let you guys know what it is about later on)! On top of that I gotta prepare for the new version for the BBQ Party in Hong Kong, it was quite some busy time I had![](/attachments/2009/12/09/21/56793_200912092152331.thumb.jpg) Click to RSVP!Hahaa~ Starting from 10.16, there's shows in Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuxi, CheungDu, Wenzhou; then there's wild day out in Hong Kong, music festival in Hangzhou, awards in Huangshi, Ganzhou, Beijing and Tienjing. With different kinds of shows and performance, along with changing weather, it brought about different feelings inside of me; altogether with people full of passion, warmth and love, all your little gifts and yummy snacks had walked me from fall to winter!

Everytime when i think about all these hotel room numbers that kept changing, all those destination I almost forgot, kept trying to remember every moment but my eyelids kept falling, I always start to have this one thinking in my mind, wow! its that so tight of a schedule! At the same time, i'd also think, "hmm! I'm a bit exhausted!" But... there's always some support and some thoughts there to give me strength when i notice im not walking along! you guys were with me as well! Regardless of what the results will be, there's all sorts of fabulous giving and receiving witnesses! All your faces, your hugs, words, voices, always come up in my head when I have a quiet moment to myself; especially in times when I'm under a lot of pressure, this is where my energy come from! it also reminds me of what my responsibilities are, I'll bring this love along with me towards my upcoming challenges, and towards every new steps in life!!

Great thanks to everyone of you!! I hope there's some part in your life that also found this kind of energy to keep you going! this is not the end! it's a beginning!!! 

LOVE YOUMavis | 抱歉!

來晚了∼回到台北後休息了幾天, 就開始一個專案的編曲和錄音(之後會跟大家公佈內容)! 加上準備香港BBQ Party的新版本編曲,真是繼續地馬不停蹄! 請RSVP在這兒!哈哈∼從10. 16的北京行道後面軒尼詩在上海,寧波,無錫,成都, 溫州的表演,香港的wild day out,杭州音樂節,黃石,贛州,北京和天津的頒獎禮, 隨著不同的表演形態和內容,帶著不一樣的心情,搭配著天氣, 乘載著你們滿滿的熱情,溫暖的愛,貼心的小禮物和可口的小吃, 我們一起渡過了秋與冬的交界!每次回到幾乎快記不得一直轉站不同地方房號的飯店, 或是另一目的地的飛行, 在車上看著窗外景色想用力記住卻開始打瞌睡的moment, 內心經常會有個O.S:哇!行程也太緊湊了吧!同時,也覺得∼ 嗯!身體有點累!但.........有一股力量在支撐, 有一種信念在執著,因為這個腳印我不是一個人的! 還有你們跟我一起!無論結果如何,過程都精彩的施與受! 你們的臉,擁抱,文字,聲音,都常常在我靜下來的片刻出現, 尤其是疲累壓力大的時候,好像是一種精神鼓舞!也是一種責任, 提醒著我要做什麼 這份愛我會一直帶著,去迎接未來的每一個挑戰,每一步成長!! 謝謝每一個可愛的你!!

希望你們也更有衝勁在生活的每一個部份! this is not the end! it's a beginning!!! 

LOVE YOU萱 | 抱歉!

来晚了∼回到台北后休息了几天, 就开始一个专桉的编曲和录音(之后会跟大家公佈内容)! 加上准备香港BBQ Party的新版本编曲,真是继续地马不停蹄! 请 RSVP在这儿!哈哈∼从10. 16的北京行道后面轩尼诗在上海,宁波,无锡,成都, 温州的表演,香港的wild day out,杭州音乐节,黄石,赣州,北京和天津的颁奖礼, 随着不同的表演形态和内容,带着不一样的心情,搭配着天气, 乘载着你们满满的热情,温暖的爱,贴心的小礼物和可口的小吃, 我们一起渡过了秋与冬的交界!每次回到几乎快记不得一直转站不同地方房号的饭店, 或是另一目的地的飞行, 在车上看着窗外景色想用力记住却开始打瞌睡的moment, 内心经常会有个O.S:哇!行程也太紧凑了吧!同时,也觉得∼ 嗯!身体有点累!但.........有一股力量在支撑, 有一种信念在执着,因为这个脚印我不是一个人的! 还有你们跟我一起!无论结果如何,过程都精彩的施与受! 你们的脸,拥抱,文字,声音,都常常在我静下来的片刻出现, 尤其是疲累压力大的时候,好像是一种精神鼓舞!也是一种责任, 提醒着我要做什麽这份爱我会一直带着,去迎接未来的每一个挑战,每一步成长!! 谢谢每一个可爱的你!!

希望你们也更有冲劲在生活的每一个部份! this is not the end! it's a beginning!!! 


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加油 Mavis! We support you 100 percent! :-D
over 14 years ago
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萱 萱 加油,祝你演出成功!
over 14 years ago
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great job! i enjoyed the show a lot. i'll upload my pics and vids soon!
over 14 years ago


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