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not much going on right now...

Well, not much going on right now.  I'm actually in Shanghai at the moment.  My main purpose to come here was to spend some time with family, take some voice and piano lessons, and listen to a few performances for the jazz festival happening here from May 1st till the 6th.  My cousin Lawrence Ku will be playing guitar with a few bands for the festival.  I'm actually spending some time with his VERY adorable twins.  So adorable....in fact...that they can get away with everything...they are going to be little heart breakers when they are older....I was also reunited today with 2 voice teachers that helped me before my show at Mido 2 weeks ago.  Today I took a lesson with one of them, Scotty Wright.  He's a great jazz singer and was a big help to me when I was preparing for the show.  He's asked me to perform with him on Monday night for his last performance after being here for 3 months.  It's always very exciting for me to be able to work with such professional people.  It's a bit intimidating..but, I always feel that I improve whenever I have these experiences..so..the more the better....It's a real shame that the jazz scene isn't really happening in Hong Kong.....my lessons have been through Lawrence, of course.  He has a jazz school here called JZ School and it's connected to the JZ Club here in Shanghai.  The teachers are all VERY good professional musicians and they are all from all over the world. I'm really hoping that I'll have more opportunities to work with them more in the future.  Lawrence along with one of the drummers who teaches at JZ School, Chris were both playing for me at my show.  So, if you were there....you were able to hear how talented they are.  They really made the show!  Well,   after performing with them...I'll never want to sing with another MMO.....that live music feeling is really something that every singer should experience.  Anyways....I think I'm rambling....More updates later!  luv, marsha

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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
There is a jazz school in shanghai? I lived there a year and a half and never knew! That sucks. I'm stuck playing the same random riffs over and over .. it'd be nice to learn something new ... Ah well. next time. Good luck with the performance and enjoy the festival!
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