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I forgot to say thank you to all of your words of encouragement about my camera.  I did call the airline several times for about 3 days and then finally decided that it was gone.  It’s pretty sad because there were a few photos that I hadn’t saved yet from my LA trip…but, what can you do, right?  I’m not going to get a camera for while though because that one was a semi professional digital canon!  So….anything else wouldn’t be the same to me….but…I will settle for my phone camera for now…yes, there are worst things that could happen….

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Speaking of bad things….when I was in SF something very scary happened.  My sister, Jen, mom and me were driving on the freeway on the way to have breakfast this one day…when the car only a few feet in front of us started to swerve…and it ran right into this big truck.  Once it crashed into the truck it bounced off and rammed into the side of the road.  It was like watching a movie!  We were so scared that our car would get caught up in the accident as well…..anyways…we ended up pulling over so that we could help out and be witnesses to the scene.  The lady was not hurt but she was stuck in her car…but…pretty scary stuff…..I still have flashbacks of the accident even now!


Oh, yeah, before I forget...."Wicked" was a very good show!  The actresses were both very good with their singing and acting...And I really enjoyed the story...very witty!  And the songs were nice as well! I'll probably have to get the soundtrack pretty soon...."Jersey Boys" was also a very good musical.  I was so excited to find out that the cast I watched was the original. The lead was sooo talented!  I don't know how he reached all of those high notes!  And overall the cast was outstanding!  They were all sooo good and the scene changes were so perfect!  It was a very fun and always moving type of show! 

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