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end of my U.S. Trip

Wow, so much has happened since the last time I blogged.  So…after my trip to NY, I headed for the last part of my trip which was SF.  First of all, I had a little “incident” on the plane ride.  My flight went from JFK to prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Dallas and from Dallas onto SF.  I was sitting in one of those medium sized planes ( Dallas to SF) where both sides have 3 seats.  In my opinion, this is a very stupid idea.  There is no room to do anything!  So….we get stuck in the plane for about an hr or so before we even take off…and I had already asked the stewardess to give me a fork for the pathetic little salad I bought at the airport.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gone domestic in a VERY long time.  I didn’t know that you had to pay for food on the plane…although, I wouldn’t want to eat it anyways.  My discovery of Cathay Pacific business class has really made me a snob when it comes to traveling…..back to the point…..I ripped open a small hole in the salad dressing making sure not to put too much on my salad when…….squirt!  The rest of the bag squirted all over this guys VERY WHITE button shirt!  And the smell of onions and garlic filled the airplane….I was so embarrassed!  I must have said sorry a million times as I attempted  to help him clean off his shirt with napkins.  I could tell he was very annoyed and didn’t want me to help….I quickly got up and said that I’d get wet napkins for him…..I ran back to the bathroom and got as many paper towels as I could and ran them quickly under the sink…then sprinted back to my seat and tried to help the man once again….still apologizing and ready to cry for sympathy.  Then I remembered….I had a “Tide” pen that my sister Jennifer had given to me for Christmas….ah yes, my sister knows how clumsy I can be.  I got up and searched my bag for this magical pen….then, I showed the man how to use the pen and handed it to him….luckily, the pen helped get rid of the smell and soon after the man was a little nicer to me.  He was happy that at least the smell had gone away…YAY!  TIDE PEN!!!  Once we landed his shirt was no longer stained and he smelled nicely washed again….if not…better than before..hahaha….thanks Tide Pen for your wonderful creation!  I couldn’t have survived the flight without you!  

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Ok…that was my long introduction to my trip to SF.  I guess not much happened in SF.  I got there at about midnight and had to get up really early the next morning to go to Harry’s (younger brother) graduation.  The ceremony was VERY boring. The speeches were incredibly slow and….WHO talks about the TV series “Lost” in their graduation speech?   I was only awake for the part when they called out “Harry H. Yuan” and then I went back to sleep on my sisters shoulder….but….it was a great excuse for me to go to SF to spend time with my family.  We celebrated that night with a party on a trolley….and I got to go rock climbing…..AND I watched an incredible jazz performance by a violinist named Regina Carter.  She was extremely talented!  I’ve never heard jazz on violin before….and I’ve always LOVED the violin.  I got her CD and I am now a big fan!  So…here I am now during my layover at the LAX airport waiting for my long flight back to HK.  It was a nice trip….. 

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