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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and here's to a fabulous 2012!!  I hope everyone has had a great holiday of family, friends, fun, food, and all that good stuff.  I've been pretty busy in the last few weeks and finally decided to sit down and write this blog.  Well...I do have my reasons....coming up on Jan 20th at Backstage, I will be doing another gig with my boyz....Ted Lo, Eugene Pao, Scott Dodd, and Jack Greminger.  It's going to be a relaxed and casual night of familiar songs and....sort of thinking of performing some of my original songs..just for fun.... :)  I hope some of you can make it out since I know that it is the start for the big Chinese New Year holiday...so, even though it might be a light crowd....always nice to have people there to support me...so,if you are in town...pls come and join us for the kickoff of the New Year (Chinese) I don't know about you...but, I'm excited for this year :)  lots of exciting projects coming up.... 新年快樂!希望大家2012年都會有一個很好的開始!我同時希望各位能和你們家人,朋友有個很愉快的假期,玩得盡興,吃得開心,反正萬事盛意!我最近特別忙,總算可以坐下寫我的博客...當然我是有特別原因的...這個月的二十日,在Backstage,我會和我的樂隊Ted Lo, Eugene Pao, Scott Dodd 以及 Jack Greminger 有個小型的演唱會,將會是個很輕鬆,很隨意的夜晚,你會聽到一些很熟悉的歌曲,當然還是會有一些我自己的歌曲...雖然我知道離春節很近了,但是我還是希望,如果你們沒出門避歲,還是能在百忙中抽空出來支持我...讓我們一起迎接春節的到來,我不知道你對過年有什麼感覺,反正今年我特別興奮,因為在新的一年裡,我將會有好幾個另人震撼的計劃要進行....

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