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Steam and Gas at Wushu Class (12/21)

(The alternate title for this blog was “Add Oil, Not Gas”, but I liked the rhyme better …)

I’m going to keep this one relatively short since I don’t have videos of photos to share.  And also because I’m busy with work.

Today was my first morning class since training with the Shaanxi Team.  A few things about the morning class I noticed right away:

*Holy Mother of Darth Vader, it is COLD outside at 8:00 AM.  And it was cold in the wushu guan too.  After 30 minutes of warming up and starting basics I still hadn’t broken a sweat yet.  Getting your body temperature up in wushu class when you can see your breath steaming away is not all that easy.

*The wushu guan isn’t quite as crowded in the morning as it is in the afternoon.  I guess that a lot of the little kids who do wushu don’t train that early — most likely in school where they belong — so it was just Coach Zhang’s group and the taiji folks today.

*Way more emphasis on forms in the morning than the afternoon. Which is kind of nice.  Also, Monday morning is when Coach Zhang puts up the week’s training schedule on the wall so all the athletes clamor around it to see what hellacious tasks are in store for them in the coming 6 days.  It is kind of fun.

The other problem I had going for me today was a really bad case of gas.  No, I wasn’t passing gas.  I just felt very uncomfortable and it was not easy to focus on training.  After doing a couple combinations and sections I let the coach know that I wasn’t feeling well and sat out the rest of practice, watching the athletes do their thing.

Yue Xiao Yu asked me as we were leaving the wushu guan why I didn’t leave when I stopped training and I explained that I like to watch so that, even if I can’t train my body, I can at least train my mind and learn from what I see.  She admitted that she liked doing that too.  In fact, today her knee was acting up so she was sitting out pretty much most of the class, instead working out on the side thinking through her form.

I kept track of today’s schedule as well as what was on the schedule for Wednesday and thought I would share it with you guys here:


*Jibbengong: All basics x 2

*Nandu: Each x 4

*1/4 Forms: 16

*1/2 Forms: 2


*Jibbengong: x 1

*Nandu: x2

*1/4 Forms: 40

So … everyone has to do 10 of each section on Wednesday?  I was keeping track today and I’m not sure we did a whole 20 single sections, and I only saw a few guys doing half sets.  But then, I was feeling gassy so I might not have noticed.  lol.

Also, since I wasn’t taking video of the class, I was able to actually watch and analyze the athletes a bit better.  There are a couple of them that are really quite amazing.  And a few of them that weren’t as good as I thought they would be.  hahaha.  I suppose I should pay better attention and stop trying to snap video and photos for you guys.  But then … I’m guessing you would prefer I take videos and photos, huh? ;-)

Next practice is on Wednesday.  I’ll see if I can’t actually keep up and get in a good workout this time around.  And maybe bring a bottle of hot water with me to keep myself warm.

Also, I think on Wednesday afternoon Yue Xiao Yu and Wu Ya Nan (and possibly Qi Peng Hui) are coming over to my place to practice some English, so I’ll try to snap a few photos of that, or maybe do a WYN interview video.

‘Till then ….

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Photo 28042
I think you think we think only of ourselves! Self-fulfilled prophecy then! Just kidding. Use a tripod. Actually that may be a partial solution. You are there for you and I appreciate your sharing visuals but they are less essential than your getting everything you can out of class. Anyway things will start getting repetitive and you will be able to determine which parts would be best presented with a video. To do that you have to watch once in a while. hahaha seeing all those big windows in Xi`an I thought it would be cold in there! I wonder if it is easier to tear a muscle when they`re that cold? I just bought some long underwear with wool and spandex. They`re so comfortable and thin. Happy winter!
about 11 years ago
Photo 29080
You need some of those little bags/packs that are room temp till ya bang em on a hard surface & break the seal, then they're warm for a couple hours. When I was a soccer Mom & it was early spring I couldn't stand on the sidelines thru an entire game w/out one of them around. If you're interested to try them & they're not available where you are send an address & I'll be happy 2 look for them & send some along (while it's still winter lol). What's the temp like in X'ian in the warmer months? Are y'all then gonna swelter? Cuz the same kinda thing is available in bags that turn cold haha.
about 11 years ago
Photo 105033
I like reading your posts as well....don't mind if there are no pics once in a while :-) Keep warm....... Wishing you and Ruhi a Merry Christmas season and blessings for a purposeful 2010. Over and out - till 5 Jan....officially on holiday now.... 在見
about 11 years ago
Photo 34128
If they ever need another Robin, you should be a shoe in. Holy mother of Darth Vader, indeed.
about 11 years ago


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