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Sprinting at the Track (12/9)

As I mentioned yesterday, today was a day at the track.  And not only that but it was a day for the athletes to run sprints.

It turned out that the last couple days have gotten noticeably colder than previous weeks.  Highs around 8°C (46°F) and lows around 0°C (32°F).  Seeing one’s breath is not even difficult.

I showed up a little before 3:00 and took a little walk around the track to warm myself up.  I really bundled up today.  I had two pants on (my workout pants and some outer track pants) and 4 layers on top (long sleep running shirt, sweat shirt, wind breaker and huge adidas long,down jacket), plus my ear protectors, gloves and a hat.

When the class showed up and we had finished our joint warm ups and stretches I took off the big Adidas jacket and hat and turned on my iPod.  The athletes and I did a different run program today, so first I’ll mention what I did, and then I’ll talk about what they did.

First I jogged an 800 and then walked a 400, followed by another 400 jog.  Then I did 4 200/100/100 sequences where I would walk a 200, jog a 100 and then sprint the last 100.  I did this 4 times around the track.  After the last sprint (which was probably more like 50 meters since I was pretty tuckered) I walked a 400 and then rested a bit, got some water, and walked another 400.  Then I did two 200/200 jog/walk sequences.  By the time I finished that the athletes were about to start their 30 meter wind sprints so I joined in on that doing 30 meter wind sprints four times.

Over all, i covered more distance than last time, but not as much running, since I was incorporating some sprints this time.  Total distance:

Run/Jog: 2.52 KM

Walk: 2.92 KM

Total Distance: 5.44 KM

So, not too bad.  I have a feeling that if I wanted to I could probably run a 3K right now.  I’m very tempted to incorporate a bit more running in to my week.  Perhaps on Saturdays.

The main reason I tried to push myself a bit harder today was because of my upcoming 4 days off from training.  Tomorrow is a day off already, as is Saturday and Sunday.  But Friday I will be in Southern China so I can’t train on that day.  Perhaps Saturday, when I get back to Xi’an, I will go for a light jog or walk along the long park next to Tang Yuan Lu.

Perhaps …

Anyway, for the athletes, I tried to pay attention to what they were doing, so here is my best remembrance:

*1 x 400 meter jog

*10? x 30 meter combinations (i.e. high kenes, butt kickers, hops, jumps, etc.)

*16 x (50 meter sprint / 150 meter jog)

*Cool down / stretch for 5 minutes

*400 meter sprint

*Take their pulse

*6 x 30 meter sprint


So, their workout was much more intense than mine, but that is to be expected.

After I had done the 30 meter sprints with them, Zhao Shao Dong told me that it wasn’t good for my body to do sprints in such cold weather.  ”What about you?” I asked.  I think his reply had something to do with his physical condition being better than mine, but I might have that wrong. He told me that it was better for me to just do a slow jog around the track.

To be honest, that is my preference too. ;-)

On Friday their schedule has them doing more power training and Saturday has them jogging another 10KM.

In any case, I took a little video today, which you can see here.


I’ve also noticed that I’ve gotten a few more site registrations lately, so thanks to all you new wushuzilla folks out there.  I have some cool content planned in a members section in the future, as well as some member-only blogs and videos, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  It takes a little while to get these things worked out, but sooner than later, I’m sure.

Until next time.  Jiayou!

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Photo 28042
You know your body and you have nothing to prove so have fun while you are working hard. Why not get a tripod to record some video of you?
about 11 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
@Flagday: lol. someone on wushuzilla just asked for the same thing. I'm not sure my wushu is quite up to snuff yet, but hopefully i can get someone to record me before too long.
about 11 years ago
Photo 105033
Yeah please Mark....post some vid of yourself...cause by the way you're training now...who's gonna recognise you afterwards...Mr Fit! Oh gosh - what is an African Panda to do?....you're such an example..... in my country you just say "EISH"... which means - sigh...how can I follow?
about 11 years ago
Photo 57525
thanks, your report is interesting!!
about 11 years ago


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