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Fight scene of " Family Baggage "

Fight scene from our action short movie!

Have fun watching the video  :)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf-_c3EtZ9A&feature=plcp

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WushuTwins on Stage

Check it out! Our WushuTwinsShow! Hope you like it ;)


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"Family Baggage"

It is a pic from our Action Short Movie "Family Baggage"!

It`s coming soon :)

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Travelling Europe , october 2011

Travelling in europe! Meeting & training with friends! A great show with Kungfu Heroes! Life is good 

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South Coast Summer Camp in Costa Mesa

This year on summer 2011 i have take part  on 
summer camp  in Costa Mesa! I have a lot of fun! And it was a great experience! Summer Camp with Philip Sahagun,Dy Sao and other great martial arts teacher, i can say only: AWESOME!

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Combat Games 2010 in Beijing

I will participate in the Combat Games 2010 in beijing. I am glad that i got this chance.

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Blog: Wednesday, May 12

I was this year in fevrier in brussels. I have take part on a seminar with Hejingde. The location for this seminar was Health City. Stefan Leoni has everything great managed. It was a very good experience for me and my dream come true. I hope next year Hejingde has time for a seminar in germany/berlin.

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Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QN-Obko89g&translated=1 I hope you like it !

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10th WWC 2009

On the 10th WWC 2009 in Toronto i took 8th place in nandao and 9th place in nanquan.

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Necla Özbek is a several times national and international wushu champion.


England, Germany
February 7, 2008