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Hong Kong (5/23): Some of the New Artists

Just wanted to highlight a few of the new artists that I thought were pretty cool.  (Of course, this is no way means to imply that ALL of our artists are not cool.)


If you don't know who Shabba Doo is, then you need cool lessons.  You ever see the movie "Breakin'" or "Breakin 2, Electric Boogaloo"?  You ever heard of Madonna?  Ever heard of street dancing or Lockin'?  Then you should go to his profile page and thank him for helping make all of those things a reality. 

Well .. except for Madonna. He didn't make her, but she did call him "the best @!#$% dancer in the world"... (He was her principal dance partner during the "Who's That Girl" world tour)

Mitch Allan

I saw Mitch play once in West L.A. back a few years ago and his music kicks butt.  Just go listen to it.  You'll thank me.

Dan Segall

Dan used to be the cool, laid-back guy that we would hang out with and play the occasional game of poker.  I knew he worked in the kitchen, but I didn't realize he was a "Chef" (with a capital C) until we brought him on the site.  And then I tasted his food at the alivenotdead.com anniversary party and it made me wish I could afford to eat at Zuma, the restaurant he is executive chef of. 

His food is amazing.  If you're in HK, go eat it.

Elan  Tom

I've known Elan for about 10 years.  We used to train wushu together at Cal Wushu and Wushu West.  Then he disappeared for a bunch of years and popped up on the radar again as an actor in L.A.

He's a cool guy so go to his blog and bug him to write something.

DJ Gabriel Diggs

Gabriel Diggs is a DJ with a really nice, smooth sound.  Lots of soul beats and easy grooves.  Go check out his music.  It will make you want to grab a tropical drink and relax on a sunny beach eating something dipped in salsa.

Oh, and on another note, he's Taye Diggs' brother, who is a pretty darn good actor and in one of my favorite movies "Equillibrium".  (And from what I've been told, pretty easy on the eyes.)

Lydia Kuan

Lydia is cool because she has really embraced the whole alivenotdead.com community.  Easy going, very creative and nice to hang out with.  Go to her page and check out some of her cool poetry.

Xu Huihui

Ling Oei

These are both wushu athletes, so I can't help but add them.  (Mark likes wushu)  Both are members of National teams in Europe (Italy and Netherlands) and are both super good. 

Go check out their videos.

Celina Jade

Celina seems like a really nice person (and of course the day she drops by the office I'm sick -- dumb luck) and needless to say she is stunningly beautiful.  She's in her first movie, which is with Beijing Wushu Teamer Wu Jing, which I'm looking forward to checking out.

There are lots of other cool artists too, but just wanted to share a few of my personal "faves" with all of you.  Go visit their pages and give them a shout out.

Oh .. and whatever you do .. don't wear a seal hat to the zoo ...

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Photo 11131
Thanks for the intro.
over 12 years ago
Photo 5614
cool people. =) and the seal hat to the zoo... OMG!!~
over 12 years ago
Photo 16256
HaHa! Hungry polar bear. Bet it doesn't get to eat seal anymore living in that tank. Shabba Doo! Think I've seen his work.
over 12 years ago
Photo 42904
thanks for your information. and poor seal girl...(x_x;)
over 12 years ago
Photo 35751
lol at the seal hat - what was she thinking thanks for the artist promos =)
over 12 years ago
Photo 35751
hmm, when I click on the profile badge it opens a new page but of my profile with the artist automatically added to the "I'm a fan of list". I prefer to check out profiles before becoming a fan. Is this supposed to happen?
over 12 years ago
Photo 23919
XuHuiHui is really cool too! Her daoshu is rad (1st at 9th WWC) and she has the same birthday as me!!!
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
good intros!! ya, can't believe u missed celina.... she's really nice
over 12 years ago
hey ... mark ! what about me ???? U FORGET ABOUT ME !!! ADI
over 12 years ago
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Pretty cool artists, I remember Lydia, she's such a lovely person. Yeah I feel sorry for the bear, it could of hit it's head against the glass. The poor young girl looked like she was going to have a heart attack!.
over 12 years ago
Photo 29080
That was an amazing view of a polar bear lunge. Pretty tricky on the part of the zoo selling those hats tho.
over 12 years ago
Aww, so nice of u.:) What is up with that bear thing?Holy cow,i mean bear.
over 12 years ago
Photo 24273
It must be Japanese TV programme!
over 12 years ago
Photo 35802
Super HA HA HAAA !!! Çok iyi ya =)))) thanks...
over 12 years ago
Photo 34078
It's awesome how the site is growing. I'm trying to get an actor friend to sign up. How would he go about getting set up as an artist?
over 12 years ago


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