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strange late night attempts...

ok, I've been agonizing for far too long about a business card for myself...

at last, I have made something I am reasonably happy with... considering it's me who made it...

anyways, I thought I'd throw it to you creative wolves to have a go at.

this specifically was made for a photography assignment (eg 'photography' coming before cinematography) on my official card it would be the other way around.

Also, HareMoon is something I kinda whipped up as I felt like I needed something... might have to leave that out since I don't have that name registered anywhere blèh

anyways: there you go...

back   Î

front     Î

tell me what you think and if you can improve this (of which I have no doubt) have at it lol

(mail and phone are illegible; not because I don't trust all of you but because I don't know some of you ;) I'm sure you'll understand! )

awaiting your esteemed replies,

yours truly


ok, so, version two is up (already) after the first home review ;)


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Tough call either way.
about 15 years ago
cute hare, hehe~
about 15 years ago


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