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Halloween 2009

So my dear dead, not alive friends... Have you all enjoyed the night of the Dead? The night when the veil between worlds is so thin, we, who are beyond the lands of the living, can return for one night... Our night.

A night too where the living hide behind masks so we would not know them... So we would not find whom we seek...

Regretfully I could not, even in my undead form, cross the lands and oceans separating me from the Dead not Alive party but I found a worthy substitute...

When still alive, during the day of the 31st, I was in Holland for a short viral for 'ChildsLife'. It was a good day and the filming went great. We wrapped up early eager to drop our disguises and reveal our true nature at 'the Mijehof Nightmare'...

Preparations were made

Pumpkins slaughtered and gutted and carved into horrible, twisted faces

We showed them no mercy.

The room, decorated til it appeased our morbid taste

The Supreme art of Made-up was wrought and applied by the Great Ilse

We owe her much. A great shame indeed it was she could not stay...

And then, as the light started to hurt our eyes, we killed it and plunged ourselves and the world around us into darkness... lighting fires along our path...

Then, as so many worthy undead couldn't make it on very short notice, we amused ourselves and ... yess... picturetime!

You'll see a pattern ... Candles are involved... (cause cameras don't take kindly to no light at all... and I shouldn't think that black is really all that interesting)

May I have the honour of introducing to you, our immortal lady host...

She takes pride in only inviting only the most succulant meat.

And the lord and Lady responsible for this nightmare...

And here once more the great pair...

The not so honerable Rik as the villan from 'Life is an Art' going only slightly insane

He was in good company ;)

and got to kill a few innocents. (Again.)

But the house was haunted... in greeeeeen...

And when Neely was sated

I helped myself to a bite of my own


Then, as the night progressed, the skeletons crawled out of the closet

Of course, undaunted we, undead of our own devising, tackled it

And as the night progressed ...

More strangers came knockig and Even Nixon dropped by for a publicity stunt

And Nixon's offspring...

Also there was Singing... No, really. Give these two 'Tenacious D' and you'll wish for the night to never end...

Unfortunately, I was far too enwraptured to make many pictures and ... they're no good without sound anyways... If you're very lucky, a fragment of simmilar folly might end up on the dvd of Life is an Art, but I shouldn't think so XD

So as the night progressed into the early hours, things cheered up slightly so

Untill everyone went home just before the sun rose and things got quiet once more...

The theme of the night, as you might or might not have guessed was movies.

And it was AWESOME!

hope you enjoyed our crazyness! We know we did!

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@ Boon: not my house but Rik and Neely's! My house is much more creepy lol
over 13 years ago
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Great make-up!
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