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Back from the Dead

Hi there everyone!!

First, I'd like to stress I am quite sorry for having vanished off the site for as long as I have. It seems if I'm not paying attention to the passing of time it gets away from me and before you know it, there's another year that's passed without me taking notice.

That said, I do intend to keep you updated a bit more about what's going on in my life lol

And To be honest, that's not very much at the moment. The crisis seems to be the perfect excuse for production companies to choose cheap and inexperienced people over regular waged professionals. That really is a shame and annoying as hell as me and some other professionals refuse to go below the normal price these days, if only out of principal, and it's costing us jobs :(

As there are and always will be people who do it cheap or for the so often broken promises of being surely involved in the next big budget project the producers do. True, not all are like that, taking you along for a cheat ride and then forgetting all about you, but it's still the big majority ..which is a shame.

But all the whining aside, we've been to Cannes with the crew and cast of Demon Games and Life is an Art and it was AWESOME!!! I also am in the middle of preparing some small projects and even taking on massaging on the sides to fill up what ever time I've got left lol

But First CANNES! The kick-ass Demon Games Team hooked up with the wonderful and awesome Steve De Roover (journalist and fan lol)

Alas, Arne, the director was taking the picture and is therefore lacking.

We had an official screening of both Life is an Art and Damon Games at this years festival and it rocked big time.

Apart from promoting our movies, meeting new people and all that, we had time for posing at red carpets

Meeting up with great old friends

Going to boat parties hosted by Kate Rayn

And general relaxing and chilling

Oh, and of course a red carpet premiere of LIAA!

Happy, we went home.

It was good times indeed.

Other then this I've worked as video assistent on a Dutch Artfilm 'Majesteit'

Unfortunately I don't have any set photos of this as yet, but as soon as I get a hold of them, I'll be sure to share. Here's a sneak peak at one of the night shoots I did find on line though

And again in Holland some of the crew of LIAA came together once more to do a small commercial for a good cause!

That's all from me for the moment ;) I think I've somewhat caught you up and I'll really try not to vanish again... lol

Take care and keep rocking!

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wow, great update! looks like you're working on a lot of cool stuff! ;-)
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