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Some things still haven't changed: China watchers have to watch for the slightest sign of what is really going on in the halls of power in China. It seems that two different factions are battling for power in China right now. Xi Jinping belongs to one faction, and CY Leung, HK's CE, is allied with the other faction. Xi controls the army, so we can guess how this is going to all play out. The question is whether or not this will effect policy in HK after the power struggle is resolved. A long article, but it provides excellent context for what is going on behi...Read more

Apparently Beijing does not abide by the terms of the international treaty it made with Great Britain around the handover of HK to China.. I wonder how many other treaties the authorities in Beijing will "void"?

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When people reflect on the Umbrella Movement in the future, most of what will be used to illustrate the movement will be photographs of artifacts produced during the protest and photographs taken at the protest sites. This has been a movement of the people, by the people, and for the people. There was a huge outpouring of visual creativity, as well as song, poetry, and editorials that are all important for capturing this historic time in the history of HK and China. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. To better understand what the movement meant to vario...Read more

Denise Ho talking (in English) about her role in supporting the Democracy Movement in HK and the responsibility of artists to openly stand up for what they believe is right, even in the face of government disapproval.

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Portrait of Hong Kong.

A growing number of people in Hong Kong who have taken part in the city’s recent pro-democracy protests are suddenly finding themselves denied entry into China.

The action has shocked many and sparked widespread belief that Chinese authorities have assembled a blacklist with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of names in recent months.

Many recently denied entry attended that same summer protest, which drew one of the biggest pro-democracy crowds in recent years. More than 500 were arrested and released with warnings.

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Crazy good singer with Hong Kong roots. Yoyo Sham is the real deal. I hope she gets the success she deserves (and shakes up the Chinese recording industry in the meantime). She brings more than a pleasant voice to her work: she trained as a jazz singer in the West and the vocal control and expression shows. A lot of singers in Hong Kong and China could learn from her (and then we might be spared horrors like Robyn and Kendy).

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The gentler side of the Umbrella Movement.

My friend (actually, little brother by another mother) Leslie Alberto Ho stars in this film. Go and support if you are in HK!

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Senior citizens who came out to in support of the Umbrella Movement.


In Memoriam Leslie Cheung 1956-2003 Our Leslie, beautiful like a flower. I love you today and always-- a part of my heart beats for you alone, tonight a

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