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reply or respond?

ever wonder why it takes forever for people to reply or respond?

i thought it would be a brilliant idea to send out e-New Year greeting

to almost all my clients via my new website this year.

this would help promote my company website & reconnect where possible.

imagine my surprise.

close to 40 e-greeting were sent out and only 2 responded!

ok, i thought maybe people were just too busy to check emails

and even busier to reply whatsoever.

then i text messaged almost everyone work related from my iPhone.

3 replied. ''thx. same 2 u 2.''


that's the best people can do?

maybe people aren't the most responsive during this time of the year.

they want to be left alone.

too many emails and text messages to reply.

blame SPAM.


whether its an email, SMS, private message on Facebook, DM on Twitter, etc

i just think people who don't bother to reply or respond suck.

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actually i never respond to those new years or holiday greatings. as they're generally mass mailings and I get one from almost everyone. I didn't realize anyone was expecting a response! :-P (i'm bad at this kind of stuff i guess!?)
about 13 years ago


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