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Blog: Wednesday, Aug 17

happening august

only mid august and so much happening already?!?!! i know i kinda dropped off the radar the past few weeksbut its was only to take a breather.you see, a lot was happening with me, for me and around me.1st, my EURO 2011 didn't almost happen.ok. fine. its still happening. BUT it almost didn't.all the fun i thought i'd have planning the logistics and etcwasn't fun at all!i was losing whatever hair i had left on that patch on my head.then, my mom's health got attacked.shall not go into details but FYI, she's been in the hospitalfor almost 2 weeks but she's doing really really well!Praise the Lord!but it wasn't fun bumping into people who recognized me from TV,wondering why i dress the way i do, hanging around in NUH.and i decided during my dental appointment to remove the2 lower remaining wisdom tooth at one GO!the specialist thought i was crazy and should do it after my birthday,which was that coming weekend.i said No and we went thru it.actually, i went thru it.and it was... OMG!!!what was i thinking?!!2 at the SAME time!!!fact: it hurt like SHIIIIIIIIIT!i'm not a sucker for pain but i just wanted EVERYTHINGdone before Euro 2011.then i think i OD on painkillers.kept taking them every six hours and when i woke upthe next day, i couldn't walk straight.been 5 days since i'm recovering well... finally.then i heard about the PRC Family & Curry thingy.seriously. it isn't funny People, Really. Curry?and now we all have a COOK CURRY date on the 21st?this 21st?sunday?cook?!but i'm busy... going Little India with my Chinese friends for dinner.i'm very happening One.

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ouch hope you can recover quickly from the wisdom teeth. happy birthday too!
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