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Movie time!

My Dear Friends!

I just got back from the set. Am shooting a movie with Jeremy Miller who played Ben in "Growing Pains". It's funny to see him now, all grown up! ; )  Most of my scenes are with him, which I don't mind at all of course, he's such a nice guy and a real pro. The movie also stars Vanessa Branch who has been doing a lot of tv and film including "Pirates of the Caribbean". She is is sooo beautiful and has such a warm personality! The majority of the cast is from mainland China. So far it's been great! The sound guy is so funny, he keeps on making funny faces right before my lines, I haven't burst out laughing YET! ; ) The producer, crew and cast have been working really hard on this project!  I'm off today, so I'm not working hard at the moment, haha! I'm scheduled to go to Li Jiang to shoot some scenes there, I heard it's a beautiful place, so I'm looking forward to that!!!

Will keep you posted!!!!!!!!

Much love,



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