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Aviation Club and Muay Thai GP in HK

A few days after Michael Wong's concert Michael invited me and some other friends for dinner at the Aviation club where he flies his helicopters! He said I could join him on a flight next time. I'm looking forward to that!

After dinner we left for Starhall to support Michael's trainer Joey Lee who was going to fight in the World Muay Thai GP right in Hong Kong!

Joey "Bam Bam" Lee is the female champion of Hong Kong, Asia, South Pacific and British Columbia. She was going to fight Ferial Ameeroedien, female champion of South Africa.

We got there an hour after the match started and waited till it was Joey's turn. The whole atmosphere was very different from the fight I watched in Thailand. The audience in Thailand was pretty rowdy and cheered every time someone got kneed in the stomach. The audience in Hong Kong was very quite during each fight.

Joey is the girl with the braided hair.

We're only a small part of her fan club, she had loads of people supporting her that night!

Joey's nickname BamBam suits her. She went in the ring, threw some punches and elbows and injured her opponent that badly that she was announced the winner within the first minute!

Pretty impressive! This is her website: www.joeybambamlee.com

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did u compete there ??? hehe ...
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