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@CraigLeeson That's freakin unbelievable. @cathaypacific should be ashamed of themselves for not giving a shit!

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RT @ClassicPict: Word #RIPChristina https://t.co/5KyddR74Ch

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California dreamin'

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・・・ high(hi) five(fri) day! @thelisa_s #california #orangecounty #dolcegabbana #highfive #condenasttravelerchina #coverstory #shooting #behindthescene #samedress #happy #mood #cheers #

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California dreamin'

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・・・ high(hi) five(fri) day! @lisasvj… https://t.co/Lw21GPDrs5

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tbt That time when #guldan took lil' ol' me as his date to the epic #warcraftmovie premiere in LA. Thx @elleryland @electric_sekki for the dress #proudtobeguldanswife #hottiehubby @thatdanielwu

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@_ChristinaChang @soamlall Happy Birthday girl!!! ?

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Wow HK. Another gorgeous sunset! #ilovehk #sunset

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I love you La Mer. I truly truly do. ? #lamer

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Happy Father's Day! Everyone out there love and honor your fathers and husbands. They are the backbones of our families that teach our little girls how a good man is supposed to treat women and they teach our little boys what it means to be a good man. To all the fathers our there, we love you and thank you!!! And thanks to Columbia for helping me find the perfect Father's Day gift for my hubby! #ColumbiaHK #Waterproof #OmniTech #FathersDay #thebridgehk

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Thanks so much for these awesome shades! Perfect for the summer! #lindafarrow #lanecrawford #signaturehongkong @lindafarrow @lanecrawford @signaturehongkong

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