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On my way to my happy place on Earth. And anyone who knows me knows EXACTLY where I'm going. #soexcitedijustpeedmyself #finallyonmywayhome #greatestcityonearth

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It's just a Daddy/Daughter Jordan type of day. #babyballer #awwww

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I think I may have actually met this exact dude working in a shop that just sells $200 beard combs in downtown Oakland.

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Sage musings by Raven Wu. "Daddy can you fart on my head?" Yes. She said that. I'm so proud.

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Spread Hope now and support HKAHF's Cancer Fund programme so they can provide free MRI/PET CT scans for the underprivileged children that require medical support. Donate funds by purchasing the Gift of Hope - Rose Gold Bracelet - at www.hkahf.org.hk #spreadhope #cancer #giftofhope @hkahf @josootang @pomegranatekitchen

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Ooohhhhh!! esteelauder you are too kind!! My face thanks you. ? #EsteeLauderHK… https://t.co/A26pF1a8aj

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Ooohhhhh!! @esteelauder you are too kind!! My face thanks you. ? #EsteeLauderHK #AdvanceNightRepair #powerfoilmask

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@chadwingerd Nope. Still in the good Ol' US of A. Scary stuff!

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Every year @fendi never fails to impress me with their super cool and unique red packets. Thx! ?

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Thx netaporter! What a beautiful start to CNY. #cny2016 #netaporter https://t.co/z7ql2o1izP

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