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In between shots On Newport Beach shooting something for a certain magazine doing my model thang. And of course talking incessantly. That's just what I do ? #backtowork #noidontevershutup #mypoorhubby #modellife

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Way way way back in time when mama had some game! The great thing about going home to your parent's house is finding pictures that you thought were long lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Just got back into riding but haven't been able to ride for a week now. Having withdrawals. This picture makes me happy. #obsession #horsesforlife #rustystirrupsclub

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Very slowly getting my groove back. They are still tiny jumps but it's been a LOOOONG time since I've jumped. #iminheaven #horsesrock #yupstillsore

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@michelemorrow Happy Birthday woman! May my spirit animal have an awesome Birthday!!

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Back in the saddle again. #mytruepassion #damnimsore #ohsohappy

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@chadwingerd Word!

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@Aakduce Demon Hunter of course! And you?

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Thanks originshk!!! You are so kind!! ?#origins #skincare #necessitiesoflife https://t.co/i2HiyfphB0

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Thanks @originshk!!! You are so kind!! ?#origins #skincare #necessitiesoflife

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YAAASSSSSSSS!! NYC!!!!! I can finally breathe...........

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