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Hamilton Island in Australia

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Etchy 4d darth schoolgirl2b
Raffi says:
looks like he's ready to claw his way back up into the trees whether you want to let him or not. ha! ;-)
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Photo 17128
wow!! such a cute koala bear! do you need to keep feeding him/her during the shooting? they can be tough with sharp claws sometimes, can't they?
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Photo 656155
Tam Nguyen says:
Hi Lisa! How are you enjoying Australia? Are you planning to go to other cities? Do you like the hot weather here?
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Photo 210734
Fiona Tan says:
went hamilton island twice, its a awesome place! hope u enjoyed !
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Lisa Selesner * official artist

Show Host, Model

Gender female
Hometown Monte Carlo, New York
English Name Lisa S.
Location Hong Kong

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