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Shopping with My best friend

I haven't seen her ( Shoo- best friend ) ever since we are out of high school. It's been more than a year. Well, we went to Japantown to take sticker pictures before we had lunch in Tan Po Po. ( I like the Ramen, yummy! They always don't serve tea, same excuse- we are out of tea! haha ). After that, we bought some snacks from that little Japanese Supermarket downstaires.

1st stop: Macy's ( legging,  must have )

2nd stop: West Field Shopping Center

Victoria's secret: three pairs of sweat pants-my favorite!

Godiva ( a box of truffles-hmmm, yummy )

Sanrio ( hello kitty pillow,toy and stickers...)

Jamba Juice ( Peach Pleasure for Shoo, Aloha Pineapple for myself )

3rd stop: Chinatown

My Fashion Station ( red trench coat: must have!, shiny green top, and a lace pink skirt )

nothing else... lalala { will continue later }


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how can a japanese restaurant run out of tea? (actually a lot of the ramen places in japan just have water... )
about 16 years ago
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Haha, maybe I can take you to that Ramen place when you come next time!
about 16 years ago
Kenjilui 15 blog profile
they use to serve tea, but you are right, last time when i went there, they replaced tea with a bottle of water... another weird thing is that the regular miso/shoyu ramen only contains one piece of chashu..and for $1 (dont remember exactly) more, you get a lot more for the extra chashu option... btw, i like their spicy noodle the most..
about 16 years ago


Hello Everyone, Thank you for all your supports. <3 大家好,谢谢你们对我的支持!

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