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songs of the rainbow child

ok so this is not my gig, but my old buddy's, ART FAZIL. i'm just guesting with him on a few numbers, and we'll be doing one of my originals. ART has gotta be one of the best things to have come out of the singapore music scene. in the early 90s when i was (and still am) his rabid fan, he was like an urban prophet to me, a protest folk hero, with (to quote a famous lyric) "3 chords and the truth". well, the man's back from a 15-year stint in london, with the truth and a whole lot more chords!

it's a big time for us here. election day tomorrow, in the most hotly contested, angry and important election we've had for generations. guys who talk and sing about truths in our society are vital, and it's strange that stuff he sang about 19 years ago is now being played out and addressed in front of a whole nation. this is a small gig with a big heart. if you're in singapore may 27th, come listen to the rainbow child, all grown up.

ART FAZIL - songs of the rainbow child

esplanade late night series

may 27th 9.30pm at the recital studio


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doh, i'm going to miss it by a week! :-(
over 9 years ago
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I wish you luck with it.
over 9 years ago
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Niiiccce photo Mr.Yubes x Sure it will all go real good...don't forget to up-load it for those of us who can't make it...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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r u the guy wif mic??
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I would love to see him play.. I have spent some time in singapore.. more precisely Malaysia a small village called batu pahat I was there for 3 months.. music bridges all language.. beautiful I wish him well [or break a leg] if yr superstitious....
over 9 years ago
Me in ireland
very nice image/pic.
over 8 years ago


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