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romeo and juliet

i have been so busy, my show's opened and i haven't even told anybody about it! romeo and juliet opened on the 12th of april. this poster came out on the 10th, we were already 80% sold! so it's a hit as far as numbers go. i have just loved being on this show! i play friar laurence (NOT friar tuck, that's way off you guys!), but a great kick has come as a bonus to me by being the fight choreographer! here's a link to an article that came out about that.http://www.timeoutsingapore.com/performance/feature/interview-lim-yu-bengand awww hell, the rehearsal and performance pictures are better than me talking about it, so here's some of the fun and games we had along the way. enjoy!oh and yeah, i'm the "fall guy" tumbling in these shots!

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nice! I didn't realize that Romeo and Juliet was so action packed!
almost 9 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
woah ... is it a modern version? girl looks like she's holding a phone?
almost 9 years ago
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haha yeah it is a modern version but she's holding a bottle of sleeping potion! it's the thing that put's her in suspended animation till romeo comes to get her. but sleeping beauty it ain't! yeah plenty of action! espeically the first half!
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