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humbled and inspired....



ok i just gotta say this. i was honoured to be present at the malay tv awards tonight in singapore, called pesta perdana. i was one of the judges for the acting category.  and i was thrilled to see some of our finest tv actors win their dues. rafaat hamzah best actor, sharon ismail best actress, sani hussin best supporting actor, and his sister rosita hussin best supporting actress! it was really wonderful to see a tv industry that is unlike much of the rest of the industry in some ways. there was a lot of heart, a genuine love for what we do, and a damn good time doing it.


but in hindsight one moment in the night stood out for me. tonight a young man, already a very good actor, who won best newcomer when he was just 15, and was tonight nominated for best supporting actor at the age of 17, came up to me and said "teach me what i can do to be better".

in that one moment, i was humbled and overjoyed. hasif, tonight you taught me more than i can ever teach you. with this attitude, you will learn more in your lifetime than we older actors have time left to learn. thank you for teaching me.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
congrats! sounds like it was a good show...
almost 10 years ago
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it was. it was great to see good stuff rewarded and encouraged. thanks man!
almost 10 years ago
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wow, that's inspiring! as long as we keep striving to improve the sky is the limit!
almost 10 years ago
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amen raf. I love my job!
almost 10 years ago
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love moments like that.. magic I see you love yr work but then I am a bit biased....
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