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Beauty Kings

haha the new show i'm working on is really funny! written by dick lee (the composer) it's a dark comedy set in a male beauty pageant, and it cracks me up! plus i get to play the sleazy organizer so it's even more fun haha! directed by jonathan lim (not the film maker) and with hilarious karen tan and judee tan, plus the broodingly handsome rodney oliviero, it's got something for everyone. oh, and of course since it's all happening in a male pageant, there's be pecs and abs galore (not mine this time thankfully)! so if you're in singapore 6th through 17th july, swing by! especially if there's a male ego (yours or someone else's) you have an opinion on, haha!

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Very interesting, chum.
over 9 years ago
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got ratings one or not??? Ra16 ah???
over 9 years ago
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yeah lynn i think it's an advisory, not enforcable, for 16 and above for mature content and some coarse language. but come anyway i think you qualify, hahaha!
over 9 years ago
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only just? tsk tsk....do you know how long i had to sit with someone's head up my ___?
over 9 years ago
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honey there's a guy in this show you HAVE to see. and meet!
over 9 years ago
WOw! That's so cool! I am sure it's as funny as you say! Does it air in Taiwan by any chance??? =..=
over 9 years ago


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