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I wrote an article about a guy who offered to be my sugar daddy here in Taiwan, submitted it to Audrey Magazine, and they printed it in their Winter 2011 issue! 

Update:  Here is the link to the article on the Audrey website:


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congrats! is it available online?! (congrats for the publishing, not for the sugar daddy offer!)
almost 10 years ago
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Congratulations. I like Audrey magazine too, except it's hard to find here (Borders, B&K, etc... do NOT stock it). I like the interviews with the Asian stars. Hope you are well Lianne. Have a Happy New Year!
almost 10 years ago
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What a great opportunity, good for you.
over 9 years ago
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hey guys.. the magazine actually is sold at Borders and Barnes and Noble in the states. now i think they have moved on to the spring issue. but check out my article online!
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thanks for sharing the link! i'll check it out!
over 9 years ago
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well my two cents is that you made the right choice - I can understand the temptation of financial security but ugghh the other price (loss of freedom, self respect and having to have sex with a man you are not attracted to) is far too high!
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You did a very nice job on the article. You also made a wise choice in not pursuing this guy's offer. These types of relationships always turn out badly, and it would only be a matter of time before he would replace you with someone else. I wish you luck as you move forward.
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That's a great thing. Good for you. But I thought we weren't going to tell anyone about all that.... wait - is this about someone else?
over 9 years ago
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Good for you!
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