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SmartanSuperSmallShow 好友Reni個人展

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Raul and Reni

Reni and me

Last Friday 1 Aug, I went the SmartanSuperSmallShow, which is Reni's 1st Personal Exhibition. I like the exhibition name and slogan on the ad board:"nothing to show but many guests". I am so glad to be invite!~

looking at those art pieces, that remind my old memories. that years, people loves toys are eager to work on toys creation and sale under their own brand name. but now toy market in HK is changing, it's a bit hard to take that to be a life career. BUT, I am very admire that they took time to did art pieces for friends' exhibition. I am thinking if i can create something for the show, but I am too "small potato" to do so... acutally I want to get closer to those show cases, to look every item in details... so, i will go there again in next weekend, ha~

I am proud of u Reni, always support!

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well actually I wanna ask you to do friend's art but I afraid that you are too busy. As I knew that you always have to OT. By the way, thanks for coming that day, I thought you couldn't make it but you did, that surprise me. Thanks alot Kiu!
almost 16 years ago
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love both urs and reni's work .... "sophicated cuteness" .... u both achieve this! i wish many successes for u guys and for ur "creative babies" :o)
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