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The Pirate Bay Trials (Cont'd)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFrq2juxNFM As I was saying before I was interrupted from completing my last blog entry...

It is very important that we keep close attention to The Pirate Bay Trials.  The Pirate Bay not only represents a voice against the greedy profit hungry corporate giants (not mentioning any names, since I work closely with some of them), but these trials will also shape the laws that will regulate internet usage in t...Read more

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So I guess everyone has heard about the pirates bay guys going to battle in court over in Europe.  Now the fact that everyone here is an artist, I will probably have a huge amount of people leaving comments on my blog saying "To Hell WIth Pirate Bay!!!."  And I, a creative personnel is also against infringement of copyrights for comme...Read more

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Need a short vacation

Thinking about a short vacation this weekend to Taiwan or Macau... anyone want to join me???

Movies I watched lately that I definitely recommend

Doubt (Philip Seymour Hoffman is amazing)

Defiance (I usually don't watch Daniel Craig movies, but this one is pretty good)

Revolutionary Road

Role Model (funny and entertaining, guy from SNL do have a lot of talent)




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Indian Anyone???

Most of my good friends probably already know this. Eversince my trip to Singapore I have been so in to Indian/Muslim culture.  I mean its so peaceful.  People are so well mannered, and the environment is so tranquil (I know what you guys are saying!!! but I am not going to comment on that because this blog is rated PG-13 at the most).  What better way to get into a foreign culture but to learn how their food is made.  I have been cooking Indian food like crazy.  I have now understood how to make a curry (pakistani one) and almost there with...Read more

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Name your favorite or most memorable McDonald's items.  (Sorry GEN Y's your chilli Chicken or Pork burger is not what I am looking for.)   Here are a few that I hope McDonald's will put once again into their menu. (Yes I will be fair and only list three.  For those that know me, I can go on and on since I am the master of McDonalds!!! HAHAHA).  Oh Yeah! I can't be a happy meal toy as well.

McChicken (The old ones, not the ones we have now where the chicken tastes like cardboard)

McPizza (In desperate times, McP...Read more

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What's you favorite Info-mercial product?

With the rise of the internet during the mid 90s, internet shopping had replaced info-mercials.  For those that don't know what info-mercials are well they were commercials that had these 800 numbers for consumers to buy the product they were selling on air.  I remember that they had this countdown timer.  Once time ran out, then the next item would be introduced.  Here's a list of these products that I remember.  If you can add on to this list please do. 


Read more
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What a long day!!!

I always enjoyed doing work and especially if I am working with friends and talented people.  Yesterday I started an early meeting with a long time friend and scriptwriter that I have now hired to do my latest project.  It's nice to work with people that you know well and have the relevant experience.  Immediately, they get your point.  I am not a good communicator, and I remember at one time I actually suspected myself of having dyslexia.  As a child I would stutter a bit when I spoke.  So having someone that knows what you want to sa...Read more

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DNA Halloween PARTY

Hey Guys, For those that were there.  Need I say more?  For those that were not, you missed out man!  AND hosted a wonderful party last nite.  It was great to see a lot of AND artists and friends there.  Check out some of the pics I took!

Good thing I chose not to be joker again.  Too many jokers last nite (literally).  I was Anakin Skywalker and here is the rest of the crew.  Darth Vader and Obi Ke...Read more

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Correction.  Casting is now taking place on Saturday from 9am - 3pm in Causeway Bay.  Please contact streamlinepictures@hotmail.com for further details.

We are looking for a Actor age 18-26 and a actress 18-26.  Must have a outgoing personality.  We are looking for new faces.  So if you think you can't do it, maybe you can.  The details of the shoot will be given to the selected candidate prior to the deal.  If you are an indie filmmaker and jus...Read more

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This Saturday October 18th Kowloon Tong.

For exact details and to book a time please contact... adrianchanwp@hotmail.com

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