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If I get diabetes it will he because of this... Damn it's good!

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New Zealand Rack of Lamb with Sweet Potato Chips with Tikka Marsala Gravy... Followed by delicious raw chocolat pie and raw chocolate brownie and raw chocolate truffle dessert made by my one and only!

Danny Chu your slow cook method was great. The lamb was so tender and juicy.

*Special Thanks to chef Boggs for his pointers as well.

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唔關佢事嘅嘢就好落力了解同熱心幫忙。 2) 永遠冇著數嘅嘢都唔會做。 3) 人人做嘅事永遠都唔啱自己永遠冇錯。 4) 永遠背後講人就凶神惡煞但到係人面前就凹 晒水。 5) 永遠講到自己唔駛或唔想做但其實最需要份 工嗰個係佢。 6) 做嘢永遠做八成是因為做足十成會比人睇到 自己有幾廢。佢一定會同大家講佢冇盡全力 因為佢目標就係要比人知佢可以叻啲但選擇 唔去做。 7) 永遠都係同事對唔住佢但佢就永遠係諒解同有心 幫忙嗰個 (但事實係搵人笨嗰個其實永遠都 係佢, 依種人唔會蝕底比你。話幫你你先要 驚!)

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That's more like me but not necessarily all in a good way... So I guess my English name suits me better.

Really? I never noticed that...

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Exhausted... Need an assistant....

Being a talk show host is not as easy as watching one. I have watched 2046 over 30 times doesn't mean I can be Chow Mo Wan (Tony Leung's Role)


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