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What's In A Name?

There was a group of people several years back in which were several Joes. As a way of differentiating one from the other when referring to them, they were given prefixes to their names. Why their surnames were ignored is anybody's guess. And so it was that Bartender Joe, Trumpet Joe (he's actually Joel but it seems his friends are a bit lazy about enunciating that last letter), Gwailo Joe, Drummer Joe and Korean Joe were born.


Korean Joe's actual name is Joe Choi. But when referring to him, he and his friends have now been accustomed to substituting his surname in favour of the ethnic prefix. There is even one who does away with the name altogether, for whom Joe Choi is simply known as..The Korean.


It is important to note, however, that this in no way implies any affiliations or associations with the KP gangs. Korean Joe thinks highly of being proud of one's heritage and background, but tends to stay away from those whose misinformed pride can potentially beget nationalism and racism. No, the only gang he is a member of is Shen, a band of brothers guilty only of frolicking in musical jaunts and merriment.


Have a nice day~


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