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See Daan, Kau Kei, Chui Been


In my hunt for daai paai dongs I came across this li'l restaurant in Mong Kok. It's easier to read the menu if you click on the magnify button to view the photo in its original size. For those who can't read Chinese, the 3 spotlighted items all basically mean 'whatever.'


I love how the 3 dif...Read more

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Dai Pai Dongs


My mom felt very strongly that whatever country it is you're living and growing up in, you must be able to speak their language and appreciate their food. So every morning while I was in kindergarden she would take me to one of those alleyway dai pai dongs for breakfast. My little jok and cheung fun joint was at the entrance of this dingy,...Read more

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I Learned A New Word

And it's quite sesquipedalian in nature


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I Spy A High

I wonder how the first person to shoot heroin into his eyeball came up with the concept. Was there really no other orifice in his body that might have provided a slightly less frightening alternative? At the end of the day, I would like to think of this as merely an urban legend, the exquisitely rich history of stupid shit humans are capable of notwithstanding. And even though I'm sure my initial reaction would be to burst out laughing, it would ultimately sadden me a great deal if I ever found out someone actually did it. I mean, your eyeba...Read more

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What's In A Name?

There was a group of people several years back in which were several Joes. As a way of differentiating one from the other when referring to them, they were given prefixes to their names. Why their surnames were ignored is anybody's guess. And so it was that Bartender Joe, Trumpet Joe (he's actually Joel but it seems his friends are a bit lazy about enunciating that last letter), Gwailo Joe, Drummer Joe and Korean Joe were born.


Korean Joe's actual name is Joe Choi. But when referring to him, he and his frie...Read more

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