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Farewell Soundless Wind Chime

Music is always the inspirations of my film. Finishing the Making of and Deleted Scene of Soundless Wind Chime, fulfilling a wish that I always wanted to do, is to share my play list of "Soundless Wind Chime" to you.

This playlist have been with me for several years now, and it keeps changing from time to time, this is what left in the list, on the top of the play counts. It's been a while since I listen to these songs... somehow, I am a bit afraid of listening to them again.

May you find the hints for the emotions in the film, and be inspired as great music is always around us.

Thanks for the inspiration of一支煙的時間/林一峰再見雪人/林一峰抽煙/林一峰歡樂今宵/古巨基一次幸福的機會/劉若英給雲端的信/夢劇院曼谷瑪利亞/Shine洗衣服/伊能靜Goodbye My Lover/James BluntTears And Rain/James BluntLast Request/Paolo Nutini燕尾蝶/Shine痴纏/林一峰約定/王菲夢一場/那英旅行的意義/陳綺貞These Streets/Paolo Nutini三角誌/盧巧音Hold On/Magnet愛的代價/張艾嘉瞹昧/王菲傾城/許美靜把悲傷看透時/陳慧嫻冷戰/王菲Jetzt bist du weg/Nena垃圾/盧巧音明知故犯/許美靜夕陽無限好/陳奕迅離開請關燈/關淑怡寂寞公路/伍思凱Monica/古巨基Letter/齊藤由貴Everytime we say goodbye/Annie Lennox三千年後/李香琴也許是愛/劉美君躺在你的衣櫃/陳綺貞遇見/孫燕姿開始懂了/孫燕姿九份的咖啡店/陳綺貞Farewell Soundless Wind ChimePhoto: me, a few years ago, editing the script, listening to one of these songs above, on the table is the break down of the scenes, changing positions to construct the new structure of the film. This tiny G4 mac is still here, old, retired.

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You look very serious...you are listening 齊藤由貴 as well?? surprise!!
almost 15 years ago


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