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Berlin x Sapiasonic

Just come back from Berlin working with Claudio Puntin and Insa Rudolph, and their band - Sepiasonic for the soundtrack of Soundless Wind Chime.

I know Claudio about 1.5 years ago working thur a friend who pass me a demo CD from Sepiasonic. Claudio is a music genius, who can invent new technique and structure for music and music instructment. In this few days in Berlin, I have a chance to see the improvsation session of Sepiasonic, with all his members coming from South America and Europe, and am impressed by how they FIND SOUNDS from the environment, and with the perfect mutural connections to echo to each other on the music level while improvisation.

The soundtrack of Soundless Wind Chime is on the go, and am very excited to anticipate the premiere of the film.


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Looking forward to it!
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