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Family time

My mom, my brothers, my sister, my wife and I are all in the same town for a week of togetherness that happens too infrequently.  These moments when we get to be together are too rare and it helps me to reflect on what is truly important in life.  Too often, we can lose sight of the important people and the important moments. 

Recently, a friend lost his wife, another his health and another is dealing with his son’s illness.  My heart goes out to my friends who are dealing with such incredibly difficult times.  I hope for the very best for them and I dedicate myself to being the friend they need.  They are dealing with the real issues in life and as I reflect on the great weekend I have had with the people I love most, I am truly thankful.  Routines can help us lose sight of the months that pass with alarming speed.  I am glad to be able to stop and take a breath to remember to focus what is really important.

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