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Family time

My mom, my brothers, my sister, my wife and I are all in the same town for a week of togetherness that happens too infrequently.  These moments when we get to be together are too rare and it helps me to reflect on what is truly important in life.  Too often, we can lose sight of the important people and the important moments. 

Recently, a friend lost his wife, another his health and another is dealing with his son’s illness.  My heart goes out to my friends who are dealing with such incredibly difficult times.  I hope for the very best f...Read more

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And so it begins

Change has come to America in ways both symbolic and real.  Today, our nation saw the inauguration of its first African-American president.  As President Obama takes the highest office in our country, he is faced with monumental tasks both foreign and domestic.  Yet I am filled with a deep hope for the future of not only my country, but also for the world.  Obama has become a symbol of change for all the things we have endured over the past eight years.  He is the real change of an administration and only the next four years will show us whe...Read more

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New year. Time to refocus.

Every time the new year comes, I take a few days to plan out my goals for the coming twelve months.  I sit and think about what I want to accomplish in my work, my life and the charities that I am involved with and it helps me refocus my energy. 

This year, as I sit through the same exercise, I am beginning to see the larger plan I had put in place a couple of years ago starting to work.  Last year was an awesome year and I am sure this year will be even better.  Looking forward to great things and sharing it with everyon...Read more

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