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KSO’s JUNE BLOG... Things could be worse...

 Celtic pride. Yeah. This only makes me feel a lot older. As much as I'm excited to see this great Celtics/Lakers rivalry thrust back into the spotlight, the Pisces in me feels like "who the hell cares really ? Is this gonna bring our troops home ? Is this gonna decrease my car insurance payments ? Is this gonna get me more gigs ?" ... But then I put on my Paul Pierce jersey, grab a soda and a seat, and get ready for some of them ole' highlights from the 80s... Larry, Magic, Kareem, and The Chieeeeef...

Yeah. A lot of "hoop"-la. La dee da. One more score for the corporations. Everyone wins. But then we really need to define who "everyone" is, don't we ?

Obama/Clinton. Yeah. It would be a good thing, wouldn't it ? Bill Clinton would be back in the Black/White House. Maybe even Gore. You got a black man, a white woman as Vice Prez, Mr. Gore, and what next ? John Cho gets nominated for an Oscar ? White, black, then Asian.... say it again: "White... black... then Asian".... right ? As if the word "Asian" really narrows it down.... that's the box I refuse to be put in. That's the box I refuse to check....

My car fan. This is gonna cost me $192. Yeah. I gotta sell my car soon. Car insurance is kickin' my ass. Gas needs no mention. And having your stuff in your car is highly overrated. I aim to be a true New Yorker and not have a car anymore... That means that the venue better have a Steinway or I ain't playin' no jazz ! And I'm really not that happy when I'm sweating in my car. You ever heard of road rage ? This fan should do the trick.

Things could be worse. Yeah, my health insurance went up another 100 bucks, so I switched. Still sucks. I like Chris Rock's joke about it - how he says we should call it "IN CASE SH$%" - "In case nothings happens to me, shouldn't I get my money back ?".... Yeah. Things could be worse. Yeah, I want to headline Irving Plaza. I want to play "I Had A Dream" with Pino Palladino. But things could be worse. Kona Khasu can hold the groove down better than anyone on this planet. Things could be worse. Ain't no earthquake within miles. Ain't no hurricane 'bout to sweep me and my family away into the depths of the ocean. Things could be worse. My biggest problems are other's biggest blessings. 

But they're still problems, aren't they ? Knowing that things could be worse doesn't pay my bills. Knowing that things could be worse don't make my problems go away. But I understand whatcha mean. 

Opening for Keb' Mo' ... I wanna headline. We're ready to play 7 nights in a row at the Blue Note in Osaka. We're ready. Just give us a chance ! Please ! Nah. For real yo. I've been asked to open 3 shows for current Spokesman of the Blues - Mr. Kevin Moore a.k.a. KEB' MO'. It's a huge honor without a doubt. I just wish I could play a longer set with my band, be able to pay these guys fairly, put us all up in a decent hotel, and do this 5 nights a week for the next 6 months. Is that too much to ask ?

I know it takes a lot of hard work. A lot of internal stuff I gotta work out. But I just watched Cocksucker Blues - a documentary about the Rolling Stones and Mick's smoking a joint in the car. I dunno. I often feel like some folks just got it BETTER than me. Just got it easier. Just luckier than me. 

But I know... I KNOW ! 

Things could be worse.

Right ?

Yeah, right.

This Pisces in me... man ! You wish you were me, right ? I wish I were me, too. 

Who is me ?

This blog has been brought to you drug-free.


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like ur ramblings pal :o) welcome to AnD .... hope u like it here .... Pierce for series MVP? ... the Green to win in 6?
almost 16 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
enjoy your gig opening for Keb'Mo' I'm sure his audience will love your performance.
almost 16 years ago
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Hey Kevin! Ran into Rob Lok in Hong Kong, wutta small world, i remember back in the days we did shows on the stages of CHinatown.. well not that long ago but still, anyways check him out and thanks for being active on the site again! c ya around
almost 16 years ago


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